Gorizont-RTLSDR Linux Distro Updated to V2.0.3

Gorizont-RTLSDR is an RTL-SDR focussed Linux distribution based on Xubuntu 20.04 LTS. Recently it was updated to V2.0.3. The creator Steve Cox writes: 

New release and upgrade of gorizont linux, v 2.0.3. uploaded to sourceforge. The new AMSynch option in gqrx 2.14.2 works rather well for broadcast stations in direct sampling mode.

  • gqrx 2.14.2 – now with AMSynch mode!
  • SigDigger 0.1.0
  • Universal Radio Hacker 2.9.0
  • gqrx-scan
  • Welle.io 2.2 for all your DAB and DAB+ needs.
  • Baudline
  • fldigi
  • fmsg
  • Due to multiple issues with linux versions of Dream DRM, Dream DRM is now installed as a Win 32 .exe running under wine. It works!
  • w-scan for creating DVB-T/ATSC/etc. scan files for TV viewing using VLC

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