NanoVNA V2+ Now Available in our Store + Upcoming Enclosure Preview

The original NanoVNA V2+ is now available in our store for a reduced price of US$64.95 with free shipping to most countries. This price will increase in the future. The NanoVNA V2+ is a low cost vector network analyzer which can be used to measure and tune antennas, filters and cables.

The model on our store is the ORIGINAL product manufactured and designed by HCQXS + 0w0comm, not a clone. So purchases from our store support the developer. It is also the newer 2.8″ V2 PLUS version, which has a two times faster sweep speed compared to the older model. The price includes the calibration kit which consists of two high quality SS405 cables and a SOLT (short, open, load, through) kit. Note that in our current stock we do not include the optional acrylic case.

NanoVNA V2+ Kit

However, we do have our own third party enclosure for the NanoVNA V2 that will be released by January next year. Our enclosure will be made of rugged plastic, and will be part of a kit including an antiglare screen protector as well as a carry case. The case includes space for a standard sized (non-protected) 18650 Li-Ion battery, and will include battery terminals (the battery itself will not be included for shipping reasons, but you can find 18650 cells for a few dollars locally). Pricing is yet to be established, but we’re targeting around US$14.95 to US$19.95 with free shipping included. We note that some people have requested a metal case, however after a discussion with the NanoVNA V2 designers it was noted that a metal case could actually hurt performance and is not recommended.

Prototype Enclosure Front
Prototype Enclosure Rear

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