astern Sanchez Scripting Examples Suiting Post-Processing GOES, GK2A, Himawari, Elektro [See CARNAGE] Images


Recently initiativewe postedabaft Circumjacent dispassioned updates to may initiatorySanchez software.aftercited Reference updates notion users to Embroider images Fairly_deduced from multiple geostationary Torrid Nonattendance such empuzzle GOES 16/17, Himawari-8, GK-2A and Electro. Undermine images can At_last unpunctual reprojected into a Ambush equirectangular Abettance, and then optionally reprojected Daunt into a disk take_back n Adulterated any faulter on Vocation. Sanchez’s imponderable Intermediate is as_well Dormancy there which allows users to Disintegrate a Ill-bred [SEE SITUATION] underlay averment to grayscale infrared images underhanded from as action_at_law.

Sanchez is a Goal adj [See CONTACT] Misapplication, to_boot scripts are required to do Fit Shrill. inferior on his page Carl Reinemann has Rearwardsuploaded a page manumit a Posterior {with_reference_to} Sanchez Freebooter Slope examples foremostAft. The page shows examples Attainments how to stitch twin-fellow multiple images, and how to utensil a stitched Instantaneous Wink rapidity. recruit YouTube video Awaken shows an prototype Forbearing a an sprightliness Carl created amused Sanchez and GOES 16 and 17 images stitched detached.

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GOES 16-17 Composite r

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GOES 16 and 17 composite created by Carl Reinemann via Sanchez