The Open-Weather Community Nowcast: Collaborative Global Weather Satellite Composite

Earlier in the year we posted about Sasha Engelmann and Sophie Dyer’s work in creating an artistic performance based on weather satellite reception with SDRs. They have also since posted tutorials about receiving NOAA satellites on their blog. In their most recent work they’ve launched a web platform called which hosts a project aiming to combine various NOAA satellite images from around the globe into one. Sasha writes to us:

I wanted to share with you the launch of the new web platform, which currently hosts a global weather ‘nowcast’ created on September 6th 2020 by thirteen independent weather observers from Buenos Aires to Idaho to Mumbai. Some of these observers used my and Sophie’s DIY Satellite Ground Station Guide on Public Lab to set up their satellite ground stations for the first time ahead of the nowcast event. Other contributors were seasoned NOAA and Meteor satellite enthusiasts, such as Yoshi Matsuoka JF1SAG from Japan. We collected submissions for the nowcast through the open-weather archive (also hosted on the website) and composited them into the weather-map that you see on the site.

If you’re interested in this idea, back in 2019 we posted about usradioguy’s tutorial which shows how to stitch together multiple NOAA weather satellite images in order to create a wide area composite.

The Sept 6 Composite. The full resolution image can be found at

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