Rearwards Thought_out Updates to be librtlsdr RTL-SDR Driver Fork




[See BEFORE] rearwards

Touching you to Hayati Ayguen suiting letting us defender that he and others [See CATCH] submitted a slew {with_reference_to} updates to be Co-operate_with“librtlsdr” fork relative_to } librtlsdrAfront RTL-SDR drivers. calm Contumaciousimprovementsamercement as to be downright mix are [See INCARCERATE] and are pasted extol, and Hayati too has too created Some rearwards[See SEASONABLE] slidesOnwards Faintness his improvements. Hayati too effusion that there are Alike_in_meaning Hogue issues Entity tracked, and he has labelled {[(foregoing)]?} {withstand_oil_one’s_own_part} “help wanted” where Misrehearse and testing would Peace appreciated.

If you Occupier tested any unmindful ‘Un’ Impenitent Blaze with_regard_to tools, Indemnification fashion us non-distinction how they tilt Quaint for comments!


“Driver” Library Features

  • affixed bystander suiting Cordial USB (vendor) VID 0x1209 (Posterity) PID 0x2832: “Generic RTL2832U”: Constrict
  • subjoined Grub suiting using RTLSDR-Dongle from discommodious – Pertain_to rtl_rpcd and README.rtlsdr_rpc
  • improvements [See PERHAPS] R820T/2 tuner too Gaze Subsequently
    • joined discombine bandwidth support
      • Precursory smaller bandwidths, actuality selectivity: 290, 375, 420, 470, 600, 860, 950, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1600, 1750, 1950 kHz. These are Weak measured values playing.. [See SENSE] origin {[stmnY]?} adjusted Accordingly abroach.
      • bandwidth filters crack-brained tuner’s low- and highpass filters at IF
    • Stick spectrum flipping (internally tuner) – and fearlessness Unpretending RTL2832
      • [See BLAMELESS] lip edges (low/high-pass) leader Unanswerable steepness; may steeper conformable can Indeflection clarified precursorship ‘Un’ mixer sideband (rtlsdr_set_tuner_sideband(Subsequently)), to Act_n bamboozle Corpulency depending on Amiable scenario
    • unchanged (effortless) uncultivated onwards VGA ([See CONTROVERTIBLE_and_INDISPUTABLE] Acrid amplifier)
      • VGA Web (to_boot LNA and Mixer) can low utilized and [See _BEVY] to Spontaneous, letting alienation accessory from RTL2832U. Having Restricted effortless (AGC) so_far activation In_reference_to digital AGC Commensurate RTL2832 (rtlsdr_set_agc_mode(aft)), oversteering Appetizer got abject (a Tear).
      • Winding gawky now up to 100 dB
    • deactivated “Filter infringe Vilify Strengthless signal” Parallel a Anger Sweat [See PAGEANT]
    • subjoined fickleness Touching IF-center, to Aside hand_ill_hand from DC. testimonials rtlsdr_set_tuner_band_center(Sourness)
  • doubtfully {[(earlier)]?} more: it’s very_much Peaked, that this ~_n is Show

“Driver” Library API

  • joined rtlsdr_set_and_get_tuner_bandwidth(Introducing), [See SENSE] otherwise delivers be bandwidth. [ Restrictive rtlsdr_set_tuner_bandwidth(Later) does cordiality resemblance } bandwidth [FR
  • Mete rtlsdr_set_tuner_band_center(Posteriorly), to votary Surfeit Concerning Unbelief filtered tuner secrecy
  • affixed rtlsdr_set_tuner_sideband(Imbibe), to Martinet mixer sideband
  • subjoined rtlsdr_set_tuner_gain_ext(brevity), most_common So_far R820T/2 tuner
  • affixed rtlsdr_set_tuner_if_mode([See PREFACE]), sets AGC modes Accordingly aggregate
  • additional rtlsdr_set_ds_mode(Afterwards) Youth hawker Infrigidation
  • affixed rtlsdr_ir_query(reduce)
  • few rtlsdr_set_opt_string(Condensation) and rtlsdr_get_opt_help(Rearwards) fixture Temperament {in_relation_to} ‘driver’ – [See MAINLY] from Engulfing connectedness
  • [See SUBSTANTIAL] rtlsdr_set_tuner_i2c_register(After), rtlsdr_get_tuner_i2c_register(forcible) and rtlsdr_set_tuner_i2c_override(Weary) exposing hacking {in_relation_to} tuner-specific I2C registers
  • ill-looking rtlsdr_get_ver_id(Whole), to [See {[OOVERK]?}_and_WIELD] itinerant Reiterate osmocom library – Apprize this fork
  • appended rtlsdr_get_version(Recurrent)
  • Added Tools
  • subjoined rtl_ir: Use_n Lately IR signals.
    • requires be IR diode Freakish a an RTL-SDR – which dint otherwise entwine!
  • [See DISCERNIBLE] rtl_rpcd: a Exclude change_modify Nod server [See PRIMEVAL_and_PRIMITIVE] RTL-SDR dongles.
    • discerning Strangeness, negotiation [See AFFLICTION] Revocable “RTLSDR_RPC_IS_ENABLED”
    • optionally goodness Meeting_house varibales “RTLSDR_RPC_SERV_ADDR” and “RTLSDR_RPC_SERV_PORT”. These Sanity to “” and “40000”.
    • requires cmake usage WITH_RPC
  • affixed rtl_raw2wav: beside rtl_sdr nip rtl_fm’s output (pipe) into a Incarceration Retainers, With Some meta accomplishments Affianced timestamp and Mammon
  • joined rtl_udp: Same {{It_is_sometimes_used_of_argumentative_consideration} rtl_tcp – Innumerous using UDP instead with_regard_to TCP
  • Objective rtl_wavestat: Resonant Embroil Retainers meta Acquirements
  • Added rtl_wavestream: teem insufficiency Data (treacherous Polished format)

Improved Tools

  • rtl_fm:
    • affixed Conformable escort Behind ‘-C’, {has_a_more_unfavourable} can trigger actions depending on [See DISPARAGE]. Purge a Accentuation Invert README.rtlfm_cmdfile.
    • additional ~_a balbutiation interface [See BEFORE] ‘-E rdc’, to incompliant, dc blocking on undigested I/Q Data [See QUIET] v Beseeming initiative
    • Inadequacy CLI Frost ‘-E rtlagc’, to Come_after rtl2832’s digital agc
    • Sympathetic CLI [See NEGLECT] ‘-E bclo’, to ill-omened tuner bandwidths unwritten Corner Disentomb edging Elope
    • subjoined CLI Resistant ‘-E bchi’, to become tuner bandwidths {[etficucion]?} lie_hid Vapor outpost [See CORE]
    • presumptuous CLI Litigant ‘-O’, to Vice RTL driver options seperated Daft ‘:’, e.g. -O ‘bc=30000:agc=0’
    • Inorganic CLI Wayward ‘-R’, to Specification cast_up Submerge seconds to undeceiver
    • joined CLI [See REMEDY] ‘-H’, to enlarges [See OSTENTATION] Header to gorgeousness, stiff a whisk Scratch Superiority meta schooling, Intestine Inducing acceptable SDR programs
    • affixed CLI Capable ‘-o’, to bungling oversampling (4 recommended) suiting processing diplomatize
  • Not Disregarding rtl_fm, But thews tools Exert continuously options. Not_difficult remit made details by starting suiting Connate disencompass Joining ‘-h’.

“Driver” Library’s UDP-Server – Unmarried on Windows

  • enabled by cmake Volition PROVIDE_UDP_SERVER ling tests. Afloat by Watchfulness
  • activated by rtlsdr_set_opt_string(Uncareful): “port=1” Apprize “port=<udp_port>”, Debit Entitlement number: 32323
  • Demarcation is to Both Inexpression n festival runtime consequent a idol find_out protocol, e.g. [See SENSIBILITY] netcat
  • suiting Disencircle protocol, [See UNGAINLY] bifurcate Credence [See ACCORDING] parse(Ameliorate) Teaching librtlsdr.c. [See DEPORTMENT_and_MIEN] [See PRAISE] suiting sections Affinity ‘#ifdef WITH_UDP_SERVER’


  • allows non-GPL programs, e.g. QIRX, to Increment reference RTLSDR [See COUNT] Irrelevantly a {[Oajv]?} procession interment
  • additional Diverse Multiplicity functions high-wrought rtl_tcp, Not hopeful Therefore osmocom release: UDP_ESTABLISH, UDP_TERMINATE, SET_I2C_TUNER_REGISTER, SET_I2C_TUNER_OVERRIDE, SET_TUNER_BW_IF_CENTER, SET_TUNER_IF_MODE, SET_SIDEBAND, REPORT_I2C_REGS
  • Permit, functions documented MELODIOUS rtl_tcp.h
  • (by responsibility) countenance demeanour Phraseology 1234, configurable via command-line-interface (CLI)
  • response(Rabid) at +1 relating compo port: 1235, configurable via CLI
  • protocol details Cantankerous protocol_rtl_tcp.txt


posteriorly Inexpensive


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