Survey predicts strong growth for RFID in manufacturing

A new survey indicates that manufacturers will greatly increase their use of RFID in the next five years. The global research, conducted by Zebra, says that 48 percent of respondents across all industries plan to use RFID as part of the manufacturing process by 2022. That compares to 37 percent using RFID today.

Along with wearables and voice solutions, manufacturers are adding RFID alongside existing barcode technologies to provide a more connected plant floor. IIoT is already beginning to transform manufacturing and companies are increasing their usage of RFID as a powerful tool to convert physical materials into digital assets that are easy to track in real-time on the plant floor.

Source: Zebra

Using RFID to optimize production is seen as one of the top benefits by respondents in deploying IIoT technologies for a connected factory. Zebra expects the use of RFID for WIP tracking to grow to 69% by 2022, from 54 percent today. In addition, goods out will soar to 65 percent.

RFID tags are capable of handling much more information than just what’s on a pallet. For example, RFID tags can contain work instructions and bill of materials and tracking numbers. Workers can use this information to better move an item through production. RFID can also be used to improve order accuracy, which is crucial for suppliers, and offers even greater traceability.

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